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Alunisului Street 7, 820203, Tulcea, Romania
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Teachers’ Training Center in Tulcea is a public institution subordinated to the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and coordinated locally by the School Inspectorate of Tulcea County. It is a centre for training, resources and educational support for teachers and other adults.
The areas of activity of the organization are: training, methodological, scientific and cultural activities, educational marketing, advertising, educational partnerships, information, research and consultancy.
As a provider, the Teachers’ Training Center in Tulcea delivers accredited courses in the following areas: education and institutional management, ICT, inclusive education, entrepreneurship education, communication and networking, counselling and guidance, integration of children with special needs, drug prevention, delinquency and violence in schools, interactive teaching strategies, European projects, optional and extracurricular activities, teaching strategies for all the school subjects. Periodically, the training offer is updated according to the needs of the target group. The training programs are held by teacher trainers employed by the Teachers' Training Center in Tulcea and collaborators trainers with expertise in different areas, in management and marketing training.
The Teachers’ Training Center in Tulcea is involved in externally funded projects based on partnerships with key national institutions such as the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, the National Centre for Assessment and Evaluation, the Institute of Education Sciences, universities in the region.
As a promoter of innovation and creativity in education, the institution carries out national and international symposia, seminars held by international lecturers, workshops, sale exhibitions for charity, scientific and cultural activities.
Folded on the development needs of the teachers in Tulcea County, the institution seeks to capitalize our ethnic diversity typical for our geographic area, initiating activities / projects for the conservation and promotion of the traditions and customs, for the affirmation of the cultural values in an open, flexible and tolerant society. Our organization is home for all teachers, regardless of age, ethnicity, and gender.
Teachers’ Training Center in Tulcea provides opportunities for the professional development and career development ensuring equal access for the teachers to all the training offers, including the teachers who work in disadvantaged areas, in rural areas and in the Danube Delta. For them the institution develops projects focused on the training needs in the three branches of our institution located in rural areas in order to facilitate the access / participation of teachers of the whole county to the training programs, methodological and scientific activities and other events.
The team of the Teachers’ Training Center in Tulcea consists of 8 employees with diverse expertise in areas such as adult education, mentoring, evaluation and quality assurance in education, psychological and pedagogical counselling and assistance, computer information technology and accounting.
We are partners in the Strategic Partnership KA2 Erasmus + "Hands-on Development Strategies in the Content-Centered Context for Young and Adult Learners with Poor Basic Skills in Literacy and Numeracy" with organisations from Hungary, Turkey, Spain and Lithuania.
The project objectives are the improvement of the school results of students/youth with low level of development of fundamental acquisitions; elaboration and delivery of a training program for teachers working with students / young people with learning difficulties and / or at risk of dropping and school failure; elaboration of a methodological guide that will be implemented in schools in the partner countries.
In the context of proactive adaptability, the online magazine "Convorbiri didactice" provides teachers an authentic virtual space for information and capitalizing of research, teaching innovation and professional experience acquired in the class and beyond.
The web page of the institution is a communication channel through which education and ongoing professional development follows the guidelines of a modern teaching, being also an instrument through which the Teachers’ Training Center Tulcea is closer to teachers whom it serves and assumes prominently the role of supplier, facilitator and promoter of professional development.
For complex projects dedicated to the teaching staff, Teachers’ Training Center Tulcea received the Excellence Award in the first edition of EduManager.ro Awards Gala, organized by People and companies and the portal EduManager in order to highlight the efforts and professionalism of those who achieve outstanding results in the education field in undergraduate and graduate educational environments.



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Gabriela NICHIFOR - Director


+40 240 516656


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Tulcea County is located in the South East of Romania, at the mouth of the Danube to the Black Sea. The region is known for its richness and variety of the landscape and for its ethnic diversity. 17 ethnic groups live here together in harmony, the most prominent being: Russians, Turks, Greeks, Roma, Macedo-Romanians, Italians, and Bulgarians. Attested in documents since 1506, Tulcea town settled on 7 hills proudly bears the testimony of its history that harmoniously blends the influences of Greek, Roman and Ottoman civilization. At present, Tulcea is a county town, a modern industrial town and a port for passenger ships and industrial transport ships. Considered the "gateway" to the paradise of the Danube Delta, Tulcea is also a tourist location appreciated by visitors. Here the Danube divides into three branches forming a magic land, the Danube Delta.

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